-there is no rental , glue, ‘the sifter box thing’ department. 

-we only rent a truck, carpet cleaner, and a floor sander, i think. we do not rent tillers, snow blowers, ladders, and whatever else it is you’re too lazy to buy for yourself. 

-i will not return your half used bottle of cleaner because “it didnt work and it sucked” you used half of it. most likely you probably didnt follow the directions. get over it, dont throw it in my lawn bags after three people told you no, dumbass. PLEASE GO TO HOME DEPOT like you promised me you will do from now on. 

-why is every manager either socially awkward, or just not people persons? i don’t get it you’re in retail, you have to deal with the bitchy people you chose it, get over it. 

-can people answer their phones, or you know, not avoid it when you see the returns number? for real. im not that much of a bitch. 

-telling me a price isn’t going to help me, i do need the item number.

-I don’t care about your wal mart receipt its obviously not our item.-just pay i don’t care about the 60’s, when you were a kid, prices five years ago, your credit card company, your sister, wife, brother, other family member.

-your card goes one way, when i say flip it, it doesn’t mean turn turn it around.

-you should know your pin number.

-hitting no makes you do it again, shouldn’t you know this by the third time?

-how do so many people forget where they are. we are not sears, walmart, or home depot.

-i don’t care about how great ace hardware used to be or how cheap menards is, they’re nowhere near us so im not price matching.  

-talking on your phone is rude, neither i or the other customers want to hear you yelling about your visitation with your kids. that’s a private matter. 

-booty shorts are not an acceptable thing to wear to a store. esp if you’re chubby, or old and have tanned so much your skin is falling off. also wearing only a bra, or no bra is gross too, PEOPLE NOTICE. ITS NOT CUTE EITHER. 

-“do you just live here” …. do you since you’re paying attention? 

-DON’T TALK TO ME LIKE YOU KNOW ME. JUST CAUSE A WEAR A NAME TAG DONT ADDRESS ME BY NAME. ma’am works just as well. also don’t call me sweetie, dear, honey or any other variant. 

- don’t EVER tell me to pay for your order and treat me like i’m stupid cause you want to be childish. i explained what i had to do, how hard is it, so did my head cashier and the manager, only then you treat me like a person after you got your way. get out of my line, i am pissed you are so stupid. 

- putting a chunk of wood in my face and asking me what it is, is always going to get the answer “a piece of wood” 

and last but not least: 

i am a cashier for a reason. i know nothing about tools, lumber, gardening products, i have minimal knowledge on plants and what you can do to kill them (rip all my plants.) i ring you out and take your money, i don’t know everything. 

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